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Magnificent beaches, national parks, unique nature, the cleanest sea water, interesting sightseeing programmes, the most tasteful and affordable food, superb wines and outstandingly hospitable people – and all this is Montenegro!

Montenegro – is a small country located in the the South-East Europe and washed by waters of the Adriatic Sea, which separates it from Italy. It borders on Serbia in the east and north, with Albania in the south, and with Bosnia and Herzegovina in the west, where it adjoins the Croatian coast. Montenegro - the country which by right is considered the ecological reserve of Europe. Montenegro can boast an outstanding natural diversity and a fine climate. Here you can enjoy virgin nature, magnificent lakes on the territory of four natural reserves, the most beautiful coast with numerous gulfs and bays, a number of outstanding beaches, ones of the best and the most ecologically clean in the Europe.

Magnificent mountain landscapes with transparent waters of the rivers, flowing in deep mountain canyons, centuries old olive and pine groves, medieval towns with interesting architecture and culture that won't leave you indifferent. Tara river canyon, the deepest in Europe, together with the Durmitor rock formation are declared as a UNESCO natural reserve. A fine supplement to the pristine beauty of Montenegro are its medieval towns full of legends and myths. Their fortress walls and towers, narrow winding streets and small cozy squares - an ancient heritage of various epochs and cultures, are preserved until our times. The old city of Kotor is included by UNESCO in the The World Heritage List.

The swimming season at coast lasts from May to October. Average summer temperatures here vary from 23.4 to 25,6 °С. Summer is long and dry while winters are usually short and mild. The number of sunny hours a year averages 2500, whereas in Ulcin the sun shines 2700 hours a year. That's the reason why Montenegro is one of the recognized leaders among tourist destinations.

While snow is a real rarity near the seaside, in the mountains of the Durrmitor national park, it can reach a depth of 5 meters. In the northern high-mountainous areas, the snow can stay for several month and even through the year due to slow thawing. In the city of Kolashin, the centre of Beogradska Gora national park, which boasts a modern mountain ski resort, the average temperature in January equals to minus 1,6 °С, while in July - 16,8°С. All the above gives incredible opportunities for mountain-skiing. Another famous ski resort called Zhablyak is located in Durmitor national park. Mountain skiing slopes of this resort will be of interest to both a beginner and fans of complex lines (the highest point of descent is at 2050 meters height). There are many hotels and cottage settlements here. Skiing is not the only choice, in the park you will find many hiking routes in the vicinity of the incredibly beautiful mountain lake. The Zhablyak resort offers its services not only in winter. Eco-tourism and rafting are very popular in the summer time. The memories of the virgin nature untouched by civilization and picturesque vistas will stay with you forever! Without any doubt the time spent here will become a source of health and pleasure for you and your family!