After 20 years in Phuket, we like North Karon Beach

Long known to seasoned travelers, "North Karon Beach" and Kai's end is the most beautiful and least crowded with squeaky white sand which resembles powder snow at a ski resort.

30% of Karon Beach is called "North Karon", and only 10% of the total hotel rooms are located there.

North Karon Beach is cleaner and almost no hawkers, but full beach services available (cheirs and umbrellas), and cheaper. But you can also bring your own towel. Topless bathing allowed too.

Nong Harn Lake National Park at Karon Beach is the largest seaside park in Phuket and surrounded by a Jogging / Bicycle path, Safe relaxed. Only 5 minutes walk from all of our properties. It's a great deal better than Patong Beach.

Karon Beach is the longest beach of the resort beaches at 3.3 kilometers. Some people say that swimming is dangerous in the low season, but bear in mind those people are inexperienced swimmers and anyone who can swim on beaches in California will find Karon Beach fine for swimming year round.

North Karon is so nice that Centara Karon Beach Resort company is building their new 6 star resort in North Karon.

We hope that with this interactive map, our customers will find the appropriate information to decide which resort to stay in Karon Beach, hopefully one of ours :-).